Laser Dentistry in Costa Mesa

At Brite Clean Smiles, we invest in dental technology to enhance the patient experience because we believe everyone who walks through our door deserves superior care. We use the latest techniques and advanced laser dentistry tools to help eliminate gum disease and so much more. Laser treatment provides superior results, and therapies often do not require any numbing or sedation.

Understanding Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry uses high-powered lasers which deliver powerful blasts of light to your oral tissues through flexible glass fiber. The power and wavelength of the light are tuned perfectly to eliminate and vaporize damaged, unwanted tissue when the laser makes contact. Laser dentistry is a more comfortable alternative to a plaque scraper, scalpel, or even a dental drill. Because there is no “cutting” or vibration when removing tissue with a laser tool, it’s painless when used for most oral procedures, including surgeries like lesion removal.

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Laser Therapy For Gum Disease

Laser therapy can deliver powerful pulses of light to the gums to help fight back against gum disease. We often recommend laser treatment after deep cleaning. Using a thin glass fiber, we will clean between your teeth and gumline to eliminate pockets of bacteria from the roots of your teeth. In turn, this helps the gum reattach to the bone after it has been separated by gum disease, and encourages proper healing. Cleaning the roots of your teeth with a laser is also much less invasive than alternative gum therapies, such as gum flap surgery.

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